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PlantX is a mobile app identifies thousands of plants, flowers and trees with advanced artificial intelligence. All you do is to take or upload clear and close up photos of the plants you want to identify.

Note: this is a personal project, no commercial use. It's still on process.


Mobile app


Personal Project


Los Angeles, CA


Research, UI/UX Design, Visual Design


Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


On process

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PlantX is a mobile app on either iOS or Android identifies thousands of plants, flowers, and trees with advanced artificial intelligence. All you do is to take or upload clear and close up photos of the plant you want to identify, and the app answers with 97% accuracy. You can get your plant or gardening questions 100% answered by human experts as well. And you can get rewards by answering user questions and become part of our global community! It also helps you to find plant stores to purchase or sell plants, and discover plants everywhere on the well designed GPS as part of the app function.


  • To help people identify plants and get people (especially kids) knowledgable about how important and beneficial plants and nature are to us.

  • To build a global community to help people change our environments to be a better and greener places to live. To educate people on how important it is to protect our plants and their natural environments, and fight back against climate changing.

  • To help to grow big or small plant businesses by consumers.

  • To help travelers visiting national parks improve their experiences visiting, which also benefits and maintains the ecological condition of the national parks by driving up attendances and educating its visitors on the importance of protecting nature.


  • Identifies plants from photos you take or upload.

  • Answers your plant or garden questions by human experts in our global community.

  • Has a GPS to helps you to find stores that carry the flowers and plants you want to purchase.

  • Has a map to show what kind of plants or vegetations in any national park.

  • Save your plants information and custom your plants care schedules.


PictureThis - This app identifies 1,000,000 + plants everyday with 98% accuracy. Get your garden answers from exports and specialists in a big community.

This app is pretty similar as PlantX. It comes with "Explore" and "Community" functions which PlantX has them as well. On the "Explore" function of PlantX, you can search more information like national parks, events, stores beside search for indoor plants and outdoor plants. "Community" function of PlantX is very important that you can get plant and gardening questions answered by experts and users, and you can get rewards by answering other users' questions as well, beside sharing plants photos you took.

PlantSnap - This app identify plants of all kinds. It connect with fellow nature enthusiasts around the world and share your snaps with others worldwide.

This app is similar as PlantX and PictureThis as well. PlantX has more functions than this app as I mentioned earlier. On user's function, PlantSnap can collect favorite plants, posts and contact with friends. PlantX has all those functions, plus it can set plants care schedules which PlantSnap doesn't have.

Plant Identify - This app identify plants in a second. They updated their machine learning algorithm to provide much better recognition results.

PlantX identifies plants with advanced artificial intelligence as well. Plus it has a global community to interactive users in the app.


  • Kids and families - who learn and play

  • Professionals - who use the app to work

  • Amateurs - who do it for fun

  • Customers - who need to landscape their house and buy or sell plants

  • Retired elders - who have plenty time to garden


shutterstock_1055647187 small.jpg

Qing Liu

Biologist & Businessman / Age: 48 / Income: $250k

Married / Live in Suzhou, China

Where Qing Liu lives is famous about its beautiful gardens. Therefore, people love gardening in Suzhou. So his wife and he have beautiful gardens at the front and back yard of their house. They both are environmentalists and vegans. Qing Liu has a herb medicine business in both China and America. He has many herb plants in his gardens for experiments and researches for his business as well. He also travels all over the world for marketing and biological projects for his business. Qing Liu is a great match user for all of the categories of PlantX.

shutterstock_159447842 small.jpg

Audrey Cassel

Housewife / Age: 35 / Income: $30k

Married / Live in Colmar, France

Audrey's husband own a restaurant, who is always busy running the restaurant. And they have playful kids, two daughters, one son. So Audrey decided to be a housewife to take care of her playful kids and their big beautiful garden at back of the restaurant. Audrey's kids usually play in the garden after school or in the weekends. Her two daughters love gardening as as Audrey does. Eventually, the only son got influenced by Audrey and two sisters and enjoying gardening as well. They all love the nature very much!

shutterstock_195491246 small.jpg

Sam Hawkins

Journalist & Photographer / Age: 23 / Income: $90k

Single / Live in California, USA

Sam loves traveling, hiking and he is an vegan. He enjoying take photos of all kinds of plants while he hiking or traveling somewhere. Then he sell his photos to magazines, national parks and traveling businesses, etc. He also shares his photos on social medias.

shutterstock_1584362842 small.jpg

Basil Fourlis

Farmer / Age: 33 / Income: $78k

Married / Live in Makrinitsa, Greece

Basil owns a big farm in a beautiful village. He farms and sells fruits, vegetables and flowers in his village. He sells his plant products on Amazon, Ebay and other online stores as well.


In order to generate an organized and clear app functions. I gathered 3 participants, provided project background and introduced them to 3 characters in my persona: Qing Liu, Audrey Cassel and Stephen Martin. I asked the participants to pretended to the 3 different characters, and tested the functions of the app on the tab bar: home, explore, take / upload photos, community, my account.

The result was Qing Liu liked to checkout the "community" to ask or answer questions ; Audrey Cassel liked to "take photos" of plants and share to the "community"; Stephen Martin liked to go "explore" for national parks, hiking trails or camping areas. Therefore, I tested and revised the paper prototype 4 times, here is the final result.



Sitemap_PlantX small.png


Here is the storyboard that you can see how PlantX benefited Qing Liu (from my persona), and how he interacted with other users to got what he wanted on PlantX.

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